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But there ARE paths to tackle those concerns reliably. The real issue however Linkis not where to get the equipment but what equipment do I need and why?Understanding DIY home security system basics is the first step.Home Security Systems If you are a home security installation newbie then this series of articles are for you!Manufacturers have had pet immune motion detectors on the market for Apartment Securityyears and have made progress making them more reliable. We however have never felt completely comfortable recommending them to our company installed customers, especially Central Station monitored customers. Pet immune motion detectors are good at ignoring mid sized and smaller pets but are not fool proof. Even one false alarms a year is not acceptable.

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This simply indicates how many separate camera video streams they can record. DIY Home SecurityThey start from single channel devices going all the way up to 32. What level of video quality or resolution do you need?My usual recommendation of at least 1080p 2 Megapixels applies. LinkThere are tons of substandard 720p HD Ready systems you can get, but none of them will have the resolution needed to allow law enforcement positive identification of an intruder. Do you want the ability to use wireless cameras as well?While I generally do not recommend using wireless for critical home systems such as security,Smart Smoke Detector there are some situations where a wireless camera makes sense. Now you don’t need a WiFi enabled video surveyNVR to use a Wi Fi camera – this is a common misconception.